Crafting Organization

As a crafter, I am always looking for the best way to organize my supplies.  On this page I will share my favorite tips and tricks!

Paper Storage - 8 1/2" x 11" Card Stock

  • I've been through the gamut with how I store my card stock and paper scraps! I've used folders, drawers, and boxes!

  • My favorite way is with "job ticket holders" from Staples.

    • Here's a link: Job ticket holders

    • You get 10 in pack.

    • I store one pack of card stock in each holder. I keep the scraps in the same holder. I'm finding I use more scraps up this way!

    • I cut off the top of the holder, label both sides with a label from my label maker, fill with a pack of card stock, and store the paper on its side in a storage cube.

  • These are my absolute, favorite way to store paper! The paper is easy to find and portable for packing for a crop!

  • Enjoy!

Paper Storage - 12" x 12" 

  • Still looking for a storage method that I really like!

  • Any suggestions!?

More to come!