Trip Report from the Leadership Convention in Houston!

My trip to Houston was a TOTAL blast!  I traveled alone and met up with women I met in the airport last  year.  Waiting in line for an excursion to the aquarium, we met a lady from El Paso.  She was a hysterical!  I laughed harder on Sat night than I laughed the whole rest of the year put together.... I had belly laughs on top of belly laughs.  At one point 5 of us where standing on the street and all 5 of us where bent over at the waist laughing SO hard...

My trip down was a mess.  I finally got to my hotel room at 2 in the morning and talked with my roommate until 3 when reminded me that we needed to be up at 6 the next morning!

I qualified for manager's reception and was invited to a night out at the aquarium.  The food was non-stop and amazing... although serving sea food at an aquarium just seems WRONG to me!  We took a train ride thru a shark tank!  I actually shivered!  I was too chicken to pet a sting ray, but several of my friends did.  

Really, just like you all know, it's really all about the people.  It was so much fun meeting new people and seeing friends that I have met over the years at other events.  Oh yeah - The convention was awesome too!  We got to see and try several new products.  I kept it simple and only made 50 swaps to trade this year.  I usually do 200-300, so it was nice to actually have room in my suitcase!

We were spoiled rotten by SU.  They fed us a nice lunch each day.  We went to classes and demonstrations.  I received 7 free stamp sets and a card making kit!  One of the stamp sets is from next year's catalog!!!  Several of the presentations were inspirational to me on a personal level. In particular, the discussion on resiliency - getting up after life knocks you down - was really good for me.  This last year has been pretty tough for me on a personal level and it was really inspiring.

So here is the SU news straight from Houston:
- Between now and March, SU will be releasing Alcohol Markers called Blendabilities (like Copics) that are priced VERY nicely!  I played with these and I just can't believe how cool these are!!!!!  I NEED THEM ALL!  I was so proud of the little ditties that I colored!  

- SU will have a smaller machine just for embossing folders called the Texture Boutique!

- The monthly kits, called My Paper Pumpkin, are being improved - more product per kit and if you sign up by January 25th, you get 2012-2014 in-color markers for free in the welcome kit. Cost is 19.95/month and includes shipping. The markers alone are $14.95 without shipping and handling.   If you don't have a demo that you already work with and want more info, check out  You can keep the subscription for as long as you want and cancel at any time!

- If you join SU as a demo between now and March-ish (it's based on when convention sells out, not an exact date), you are invited to attend convention for FREE!  If you have any questions, let me know!  I never push my recruits or hobby demonstrators, whatever their goals are is fine with me!  It's less expensive than you might think.  (If you belong to BJ's for a discount, why not join SU to get a discount!  You are already spending the money anyway!)

I joined a couple of challenges:
- I am looking for 25 new ordering customers by March 31st.  If I achieve this, I will get a free stamp set and I will give the stamp set away to one of the people who referred new customers to me!!!  Please pass my name to your friends!!

- I am looking for 2 people to sign up for the monthly kit.  If I get 2 people by Jan 25th, I will get $100 in free, retired merchandise (which I will share with the 2 people who sign up).  If I get 7 people to sign up, I will get $500 in free, retired merchandise (which I will share with the all of the people who sign up).

- I am also looking for at least 5 new recruits by the end of March. Join for only $99 and get $150 in FREE product, an exclusive magazine every other month, 20% off every order and 30% off each order!  How can you resist all of these benefits AND a FREE convention?  (fine print = save about $280; pay for your own airfare and hotel - which we usually share)

As exciting as the trip was and as exciting as the new products are, it really is about YOU, my customers.  You have changed my life and bring me such joy!

What about crafting and stamping has changed YOUR life?