Convention - Recognition and meeting Ronald McDonald

Thanks to my wonderful customers, my inspiring team members, and a lot of hard work, I earned recognition in two areas this year at convention - Leadership (based on team member promotions) and Sales (for reaching $100,000 in career sales).  Recognition came in several forms -- I received a free stamp set (always good), I marched on stage and I got to hang out in the Recognition Room where these pix where taken.  I really didn't hang there, as I wanted to be out where the action was, but I did bop in a few times for a diet code and some chocolate.  :)

The message on this board is hard to read.  It says "Thank you to my AMAZING customers and team members!  You changed my life and I LOVE you! Carolyn".   This is so true.  Prior to Stampin' Up! I was lonely and had a limited social life.  Now my life is blessed with the company of good friends and loaded with creative juice!

 This one says "I just wanted a discount.  Who knew it would turn into this???  100k - never even dreamed it".  So true!  I just wanted something fun in my life to do.  I figured if I had a workshop or two a quarter that I could make my minimums.  Also true, but since this company lets you run things the way you want to, I've done a bit more than that and LOVE every second!

The banners in the background say "Be the Difference".  Stampin' Up! as a company is dedicated to changing lives through showing people they can be more creative than they thought as well as through charitable efforts.  Nuturing women and showing them they can do things they didn't think they could - creatively and personally - is my personal mission.

This year, Sheri Stanton, Jessica Suhr and I are hosting the 2nd Annual Mc Crop, a fundraiser for our local Ronald McDonald house, on Saturday, October 5th.  Save the date!  The Ronald McDonald House is Stampin' Up!'s corporate charity and Ronald spoke to us at convention and made us all cry.  Afterward, we were able to pose with him for pictures.

Over the next few weeks I'll share more of convention.  It was a blast, inspiring, made me cry, gave me MORE energy and was a great time with great friends -- new and old.