On creativity...

When you create, do you feel that it is WRONG to copy? Do you feel a sense of guilt that you didn't come up with the idea all on your own?

Well, my friends, there is nothing wrong with copying an idea (as long as you don't promote it as your own). Through my glorious experience as a demo, I've had the opportunity to meet and be-friend women from all over the country... even several women in the top echelon of Stampin' Up demos. EVERY demonstrator that I know gets inspiration from other demos! In fact, we have a website FULL of ideas just for demos from which to copy ideas from. :)

Creativity requires time, which we don't always have a lot of to spare, so if you COPY an idea, embrace it, enjoy it and have FUN! It just feels good to make something with your own two hands, look at it and say, "I made that". Now tell the whispers in your head to shut up, so what if it wasn't your idea!

Happy Stampin'!