On creativity....

Do you ever find that your expectations of yourself are a little too high? Do you expect that every time you sit down you should be able to create a masterpiece? I was browsing blogs of some very talented demonstrators and I found that I had idea overload. When I sat down to design cards for some upcoming classes, nothing I made seemed good enough. I was in a creativity drought!

What to do? I asked myself what it was that I liked about the projects I had just seen. Layers, layers and more layers, unconventional sizes, layouts and texture.... So I started playing. The first card I made looked a lot like this one except instead of old olive, it was turquoise. I liked it for a day or so and then ripped off all of the layers and re-made the card on Old Olive card stock. I kept playing for a while longer and ended up with the cool butterfly card that is featured in my June 4th stamp-a-stack class!

To me creativity is about trying new things, persevering when you doubt yourself, the courage to make things you aren't sure are going to turnout, keeping your expectations reasonable and just PLAYING. :)